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Guardian Word of the Week:
Thank You

Gratitude is the energy of receiving and having, and this week our Guardian Word is “Thank You.” When you say, “Thank You” you align yourself energetically with all the goodness in

Guardian Word of the Week:

As I write this it’s almost Election Day in the U.S., and the energy of uncertainty seems to be swirling all around us. It feels like the perfect time to

Guardian Word of the Week: Safe

Words hold energy, and we can connect to the energies we choose by mindfully utilizing words. Starting today I’ll offer a new word of the week every Sunday. We’ll start with

Awaken to the Love on All Sides

A while back I heard that the San Francisco Zoo was holding something called the “March of the Penguins.” The minute I heard about it I called my daughter Jenny,

Loving vs Sending Love

About a year ago (after a long struggle) I convinced my 90-year-old parents to move into my house so that I could take care of them. I gave them control