Words hold energy, and we can connect to the energies we choose by mindfully utilizing words. Starting today I’ll offer a new word of the week every Sunday.

We’ll start with a word that represents one of our primary desires: Safe.

Try this now: close your eyes and say the word, “Safe” silently to yourself. Use your fingers to count as you say it mindfully ten times.

Open yourself to the energy embodied within the word, and notice what you feel in your body as you continue to say the word, “Safe.”

Avoid the temptation to analyze the word. This is not a mental exercise. Instead we are consciously and deliberately aligning ourselves with the energy of Safety and making it a part of ourselves.

By mindfully engaging with this word, we can begin to embody the energy of Safety ourselves.
And we can do it together.

I’ve created a special Wallpaper image you can download as my gift to help you engage with the word, “Safe” over the next seven days. (There’s also a journal sheet pdf to help you record your experience with the word, and you can sign up below for instant access.)

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Create your own practice, like repeating the word every time you wash your hands, or use the bathroom, or enter a new room.

Say it ten times before you go to sleep, and again when you wake up in the morning.

As we connect with and embody the energy of Safety together, we create a web of energetic Safety that connects and supports all of us.

I’ve also a created a short list of words related to Safety. This list can act as a prescription, bringing you back to center when you are anxious or feeling down. Reading and repeating the words can also act as a daily supplement, helping you embody and become the energies that will support you today and every day.


I love the idea of all of us connecting to the energy of Safety together this way! Get your free Wallpaper now, and please comment below and let me know about your experience connecting to the energy of the word Safe!

Get your "Safe" phone wallpaper and journal page now!

You’ll receive news of  a new word every week plus other Guardian Gateway goodies!

We value your privacy and would never spam you

    11 replies to "Guardian Word of the Week: Safe"

    • Marlene

      Thanks for this wonderful practice, Kim! I am really looking forward to it. I have had an odd, unexpected reaction during my first time with this. It had the opposite effect on me . Just saying the word “safe” made me feel very worried, solar plexus worried. It made me feel like something terribly unsafe was impending, kind of like “what unsafe thing is coming at me that makes me need to say the word safe?” I immediately knew how to make myself feel safe, sort of using this idea, though. Simply saying “I am safe” made me feel fabulously safe and full of light (heart area) and happy.

      • kimwilborn

        I’m so glad you found a way that works for you, thank you for sharing this, Marlene. Let me know how it goes as you continue to say it!

        • Marlene S McPherson

          Day 2, and it is nice to use this, and even more effective because I am also using your Daily Gateway weeklong practice called “Open to new possibilities”. I can’t remember what offer you gave that let me have this “open to new possibilities” and I just love it. I am receiving so much from it, and I’m only done with day 2. I am really afraid I am going to lose it, not knowing what it is and where/how to save it on my computer. Anyway, both of the first two days have brought huge breaths of fresh air, and amazing knowledge, not only of present ideas of possibilities, but also knowledge of ongoing new possibilities from these practices. They seem to help a lot with the “Safe” / “I am safe” practice. I hope a lot of folks are taking advantage of this.

          • kimwilborn

            That’s so awesome Marlene, thanks for sharing this here!
            I’ve sent you an email with a link to your Daily Gateway material, I can’t wait to hear about what you experience as time goes on!

    • Birgitta in Sweden

      I live in a really not safe environment for the moment, but I really felt SAFE doing this. Like the wings of an angel were all aroud me. Wonderful! Thank you!

      • kimwilborn

        Oh I’m so happy to hear that, Birgitta, thank you for sharing it with me!

      • Marlene

        That’s a lovely post, and made me feel comforted, too!

    • Grace

      I’ve been following you for years. I love the idea of the words.
      Safe is an excellent first choice.
      Thank you so much. Rosecile

      • kimwilborn

        Oh thank you so much! I’m glad to hear that Safe felt like the right choice to you, too. Let me know how it feels in the days to come!

    • Vicki B

      This was wonderful Kim! Thank you. I just felt so calm and peaceful and safe! It was just an uplifting experience. It was very powerful. I do plan on doing it before bed and when I wake up and at various times during the day. My whole body and mind just relaxed.

    • kimwilborn

      Oh I love hearing that Vicki! it makes me feel the same way, and I love knowing that I can use the word whenever I need it. Thanks again for sharing!

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