#2: How to Become a Gateway Guardian


Welcome to the Guardian Gateway Podcast.


Welcome back to another episode of the Guardian Gateway Podcast, where we help you create sacred space—energetic gateways—where you can meet and partner with Unicorns, Dragons, Angels, Ancestors, The Earth Soul, The Trees, Plants, and other Beings of Nature, Crystals and Stones, The Goddess, the Guardian Beings represented in the Tarot, and many, many others.


In this episode I’ll give you 3 steps to help you become a Gateway Guardian.


You might even discover that you’re already a Gateway Guardian, and if that’s the case, you’ll learn how to consciously deepen and  expand your role in the world.


I’ll also take you behind the scenes in my own life with a personal story.


We’ll take a short guided journey to connect with guardian unicorns, and at the end of this episode I’ll tell you how you can enter to win one of our guardian gateway telesummit packages.


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