About a year ago (after a long struggle) I convinced my 90-year-old parents to move into my house so that I could take care of them. I gave them control of the living room TV, and now the living room and kitchen are filled with the sounds of the Hallmark Channel and (I bet you saw this coming!) the news.

As a result, I’ve consumed much more cable news then is good for any human. It’s especially heart-rending right now, but I’m pleased to report that I’ve actually discovered a gift within it.

At first, as I watched images of people suffering on the news I followed my first instinct, which was to send them love. I did this over and over, and each time I could feel myself unintentionally aligning with the energy of their suffering. I knew this wasn’t really helping them (and it was probably hurting me) so I asked my Guardians —Unicorns, Dragons, Angels, and others—for guidance.

Soon I began to see the same image over and over on the news channel my parents love to watch. It was a still photograph of an exhausted woman getting out of the ambulance she’d been driving for countless hours. Over and over I saw this woman, caught at what had to be one of the hardest times of her life.

And one day, instead of sending her love, I found myself actually just loving her.

Not sending love from a distance to someone I don’t know, and not feeling compassion for someone else’s suffering. Instead, just opening my heart and letting it do what it does best. I loved her without thinking about it, and the purity of that love lifted me (and I believe her) up.

Try it for yourself now. Think of someone you feel is struggling or suffering, and send them love. Notice what that feels like.

Now I think of the same person and just love them. Relax into that love and notice what it feels like in your body (especially your heart).

Consider making this a practice as we move forward and re-create our world. Separate yourself from all thought, and allow yourself to simply love the suffering people you know, or see, or hear about.

In this way you hold the space for them to access their deepest truth and power—and you do the same for yourself.

Love is the master key that transforms all situations, and our current challenges are no exception. Know that I am loving you as I write this, and holding the space for even more love to take form in the world.


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