A while back I heard that the San Francisco Zoo was holding something called the “March of the Penguins.” The minute I heard about it I called my daughter Jenny, who said, “We have to go!”

When the day arrived I packed some sandwiches and a blanket and drove into San Francisco, where Jenny has an apartment. We arrived at the zoo early and got a good place in line. As we stood there it started to sprinkle rain (San Francisco in the summer!) but it only lasted a minute or two. Then we were off, following the crowd to a chalked-lined walkway.

This “march” happens every summer to celebrate the penguin chicks’ graduation from “Fish School.” It works like this: After the new penguin chicks hatch each year they are moved to the zoo’s “Fish School,” where they stay, learning how to swim and eat fish fed by hand, until the day when they’re ready to rejoin the rest of the penguin colony.

Today was that day. Ahead of us, people were lining up outside the chalked lines. We found a spot with a good view, spread out the blanket, broke out our sandwiches and waited.

All around us were families with young children (and a grandma sprinkled in here and there). Then at the appointed hour the noise raised in volume and all of a sudden here they came—three baby penguins, guided and supported by Eva Mac Solano, the SF Zoo Penguin Keeper.

As they waddled along I could actually feel the wave of love coming at them from all sides—everyone cheering and clapping and just treasuring these sweet little babies.

As I felt that love, I was hit by the realization that each one of us is loved and treasured and supported in exactly the same way.

We often think of specific Guardians helping us, but we remain largely unaware of how much love they are sending us, and how much we are loved and treasured by Guardians Beings we may not even be aware of.

Open your heart and allow yourself to feel that love right now. See yourself walking along like the baby penguins, being loved and adored on all sides by scores of loving Spiritual Beings.

Imagine yourself doing something you have planned for later today, and see yourself receiving the love that’s beaming to you from all sides. Feel it fill your heart, and feel a conscious bond forming between you and all Guardian Beings, both known and unknown.

This will create a whole new way of life—living in the conscious awareness of the love of all the Spiritual Guardians. Their support doesn’t just apply to big or “spiritual” projects. They are with us in every moment, showering us with pure, powerful love as we journey through the human experience.

Keep this in your awareness as often as you can from now on, and allow yourself to be like the baby penguins, soaking up the love coming to you from all sides as you walk your own path.


If you’ve read this far, you know that this story has a zoo in it. I know that zoos are controversial places and I have mixed feelings about them myself, so if you feel strongly against zoos there’s no need to let me know. I hope you’ll take away the message of this post anyway!

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